Welcome to EURING

Birds freely cross political boundaries, so international cooperation is essential if they are to be studied. EURING is the organisation which ensures this cooperation for all aspects of scientific bird ringing within Europe. EURING was founded in 1963, with the stated aim of organising and standardising European scientific bird ringing.

Web address now in use on larger rings

The use of a web address on rings issued throughout Europe is co-ordinated by EURING. In addition to the standard postal address, increasing numbers of rings used on larger species carry the address www.ring.ac. This will take users to a multi-language website where they can enter details of the bird they have found. Finders will be informed about the ringing details of birds that they report in the usual way.

EURING encourages the analysis of ring recovery data

The EURING databank (EDB) holds ring recovery data gathered by bird ringing schemes throughout Europe and is hosted by the British Trust for Ornithology in Thetford. The EDB index, first published on this website in June 2004, and regularly updated, provides a summary of the information that is held in the EDB, including maps of the distributions of ringing and recovery locations. EURING wishes to promote more analysis of these data and welcomes applications to analyse particular data sets. Visit the EDB pages to find out more.

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