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EURING Bird Ringing Databank Passes the 10 Million Records Milestone

Barn Swallow © Adriano De Faveri

A Barn Swallow marked individually with a lightweight
numbered ring on the leg.

The European Union for Bird Ringing (EURING) is proud to announce the 10 Millionth entry to its Data Bank. The celebrated bird is a female Barn Swallow, captured and ringed with ring number “Valetta 250413” in Malta on 16th April 2011 during spring passage and recaptured alive by a bird ringer near its nest in Ràby in the Czech Republic on 19th June 2011. After routine recording of ring number and various other details it was released.
The EURING Data Bank is a central, computerised repository for ringing recovery records and holds records dating back over 100 years. Its 10 million records cover 552 different bird species. Read more ......

The next EURING General Assembly will be held in San Sebastien (Basque Country, Spain) in September 2015. Information for Ringing Schemes can be found here (login necessary)

Constant Effort Sites Ringing (CES) aims to monitor the trends in abundance, productivity and survival of songbirds throughout Europe. By studying productivity and survival we can investigate the demographic mechanisms responsible for population changes. CES schemes are now undertaken by volunteer ringers in some 15 countries throughout Europe, with coverage increasing each year. EURING is working to co-ordinate this important monitoring effort and has developed guidelines to promote standardisation between countries. For details of CES coverage throughout Europe and a copy of the guidelines click here.

The use of a web address on rings issued throughout Europe is co-ordinated by EURING. In addition to the standard postal address, increasing numbers of rings used on larger species carry the address This will take users to a multi-language website where they can enter details of the bird they have found. Finders will be informed about the ringing details of birds that they report in the usual way.
Any recovery can be reported via the multi-language website which can be found here.

The EURING databank (EDB) holds ring recovery data gathered by bird ringing schemes throughout Europe and is hosted by the British Trust for Ornithology in Thetford. The EDB index, first published on this website in June 2004, and regularly updated, provides a summary of the information that is held in the EDB, including maps of the distributions of ringing and recovery locations. EURING wishes to promote more analysis of these data and welcomes applications to analyse particular data sets. To view the index and to find out how to apply to analyse data from the EDB click here.

Bird Ringing for Science and Conservation
We live in a rapidly changing world where human activities are causing rapid declines in many species of animals and plants, linked to widespread environmental change. This EURING brochure, compiled by Matthias Kestenholz, explains how bird ringing is contributing to conservation science and how EURING's activities can be developed further to address some of the conservation challenges of the 21st century. Download your copy in various languages here.


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