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The EURING Brochure - Bird Ringing for Science and Conservation


EURING is the co-ordinating organisation for European bird-ringing schemes.
It aims to promote and encourage:

  • Scientific and administrative co-operation between national ringing schemes
  • Development and maintenance of high standards in bird ringing
  • Scientific studies of birds, in particular those based on marked individuals
  • The use of data from bird ringing for the management and conservation of birds

These objectives are achieved mainly through co-operative projects, the organisation of meetings and the collection of data in the EURING Data Bank.

Board members visiting the famous Swiss ringing station at Col de Bretolet, Switzerland, September 2008

From left to right (Lukas Jenni, Stephen Baillie, Chris du Feu, Jacquie Clark, Wolfgang Fiedler, Fernando Spina, Elisabeth Wiprächtiger, Romain Julliard, Matthias Kestenholz and Zsolt Karcza)


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