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EURING Databank Index

The EURING databank (EDB) holds a high proportion of the ringing recovery data that have been gathered by bird ringing schemes throughout Europe. The databank is hosted by the British Trust for Ornithology. The data are computerised according to standard protocols that are used by all EURING schemes. This index provides a summary of the information that is held in the EDB, including maps of the distributions of ringing and recovery locations.

EURING is very keen to promote more analyses of these data and welcomes applications to analyse particular data sets. Information on how to apply to analyse recovery data held in the EURING databank is available here.

Archive ringing totals

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Contents of the EDB index

Summary tables of number of recoveries by SPECIES and decade for birds recovered: Dead and alive

Summary tables of number of recoveries by SCHEME and decade for birds recovered: Dead and alive

Species maps and tables

Information about the EDB index and how it was compiled

How to request ringing recovery data from the EDB

We are grateful to all Ringing Schemes contributing to the EDB

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